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MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

Hosseinabad Persian Carpet 202 × 156cm


A hand-woven Persian carpet from Hosseinabad, Iran.

Size 202 × 156cm
Material Wool on Cotton
Thickness 9mm
Weaving density 200,000 knots / ㎡

Hosseinabad is located in the northwestern part of Iran.

Wool is made from wool cut from sheep in the village of Hosei Nabad.
Hosseina Bird rugs, also known as house carpets, are ideal for everyday use.

The design features a unique herati pattern.

The total pattern makes the space feel wide.

The color is calm and deep, and the luster is wonderful, giving it a profound and luxurious feel.

Soft wool, soft, large size and firm, comfortable to lie down directly.

Since it was folded and stored, some wrinkles can be seen, but it will disappear naturally as soon as it is laid.

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Item No .: ICMARC-HSN-1040