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MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

Qom Persian Carpet 100% Silk 90 × 60cm


Qom Persian carpet 100% silk 90 × 60cm with certificate

A breathtaking beauty ♡
[Tahir Mohamadi Kobo] This is the most luxurious Persian carpet.

Size 90 × 60cm (without fringe)
* Plus 16cm with fringe
Material 100% natural silk
Weaving density 1.32 million knots / ㎡
Thickness 4mm
Workshop Name [Tahir Mohamadi Kobo] Autographed
Condition New unused item

A total silk carpet made in Kum, Iran.

Kum is the holy city of Islam and is located in the north central part of Iran. Kum silk is world famous and is known for its most expensive silk rugs.

Kum silk rugs cannot be mass-produced.
Therefore, it is more expensive.
Its value continues to rise, so Iranians buy Qom silk rugs as an investment, much like they buy gold.

[Tahir Mohamadi Kobo] is a workshop that was established about 35 years ago.

The quality of the carpet is very high grade.

Silk quality, colorful and tasteful color scheme, fine weave of art class, delicate and beautiful design, all are wonderful.

High quality silk that is supple and melts is used. The feel when touched is very smooth and comfortable!
It has a beautiful luster, and when you walk slowly while looking around the carpet, the color changes surprisingly every time you walk, and you can enjoy different expressions.

This is a new carpet that has just been completed.
We will deliver it with a certificate of the workshop.

We confidently recommend it to those who like Kum carpets.

Enjoy the blissful luxury ♡

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