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MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

Luxury Persian carpet from Nine [Habibian workshop] 6la 245 x 200 cm


Persian carpet from Nine, one of the five major production areas that represent Persian carpets.
This product is the work of Habibian Kobo, the highest peak of Nine carpets.

Size 245 × 200cm
Material Wool (cork wool) & silk on cotton
Thickness 5mm
Weaving density 900,000 knots / 1㎡

Master Weaver Fatla Habibi (1903-1995) is known as the father of Nine carpets. In the 1920s, Mr. Habibi launched a global brand [Habibian Kobo] with his brother, and the carpets of the small town Nine were highly regarded all over the world. And Nine has joined the ranks of the five major producers of the Persian carpet world. It is none other than the achievements of Mr. Fatla Habibi and the Habibian Workshop. Habibian Kobo is the one and only highest peak workshop that represents Nine carpets.

It is woven using the hair (cork wool) around the neck of the lamb called the finest wool. The hair is thin and soft, and has a high-quality feel. Since cork wool is glossy, you can enjoy the shade changing depending on the viewing angle. It looks dark from the direction of the third image and bright from the direction of the fourth image.
Furthermore, the pile contains white silk on the edging of the pattern, and it looks shining with the amount of light!

Beautiful, sophisticated and elegant color scheme and design are attractive. The total pattern makes the space feel wide.

It is a genuine Habibian workshop product that has been around for 30 to 40 years.
It is in good condition and is a very nice piece.

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Item No .: ICMARC-NA-1080