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MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

Old Ruri Baft Persian Gabbeh 303 × 194cm


Old Persian Gabbeh made in Shiraz, Iran.
With the popularity of Gabbeh in recent years, this is Gabbeh by the Ruri tribe, who is famous in Japan as a people who weave high-grade carpets.

Size: 303 x 194 cm
Material: 100% cork wool
Thickness: 7 mm
Weaving density: 250,000 knots / ㎡
Grade: Ruribaft

The Ruri were once the main nomadic people of southwestern Persia, but in the 20th century they stopped nomadic life and settled in the village.
I live adjacent to the Qashqai, but the language they speak is different, and the Qashqai language is Turkish, while the Ruri speak Persian.

Wool is hand-spun, plant-dyed, high-quality, glossy cork wool. The luster is wonderful, and you can enjoy the shades that change depending on the viewing angle.
This is one of the finest high-grade pieces of Persian Gabbeh.

It is a very unique and wonderful piece.

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Item No .: ICMARC-PGL-0932