MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

Qashqai Tribal Rug 243 × 152.5cm


A hand-woven carpet by the [Qashqai], which represents tribal rugs.

The Qashqai, who live a nomadic life mainly in southern Iran, have advanced weaving techniques and are loved all over the world for their bold geometric medallions and artistic carpets with various motifs.

Both the warp and pile are woven from high quality hand-spun wool, and the carpet is thin and soft.

This product is an old carpet that has been around for 50 years.

Size 243 × 152.5cm
Material Wool on Wool
Thickness 8mm
Weaving density 160,000 knots / 1㎡

The fresh, bright red field is lined with three large diamond medallions, with lots of rosette flower motifs woven into the medallions and into the field. And you can also see the lucky star motif.
The border design is also unusual and special for Kashugai carpets. The motif of magic is connected and surrounds the carpet.

The bright red and navy that give off positive energy, dyed with plant dyes, are very attractive.

The pile is still in good condition.
It feels good to step on.

Recommended for those who love tribal rugs and vintage rugs!

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Item No .: ICMARC-QS-279