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MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

Luxury Persian Carpet Nine Tudesuk 6LA

¥1,500,000 ¥1,100,000

Spectacular Nine Tudesuk 6LA

A semi-antique Tudesuk carpet made in the 1940s and 1960s in the small town of Tudesuk near Nine, where ultra-rare and top quality carpets were made from Nine Persian carpets. ..

Nine Tudeshuk is a rug that was made in the earliest stages when Nine rugs began to be made, and it is very high among those who love the history of Nine rugs and Nine rugs. A valuable carpet.
The Tudesuk rugs were made under the rule of Shah Reza Pahlavi, not for export, but for the wealthy in Iran.
The amount produced was small and limited, which is why the Tudesuk rug is an ultra-rare and special rug.

Size 372 x 211 cm (7.84 m2)
Material Cork wool & silk on cotton
Thickness 5 mm
Weaving density 810,000 knots / m2

The Tudesuk carpet is excellent in terms of quality. Not only the fineness of the weave, but also the detail of the pattern is one of the points to judge the nine carpet.
This product has a fine weave and design as a Nine 6la.

Red, blue, light blue, ivory, light brown, khaki, green and all the colors characteristic of nine carpets are used.
And it is also a feature of Nine carpet that silk is used for the highlight of the pattern.
Silk is used in plenty of luxury in this Tudesuk. The diamond-shaped panels around the medallion and the patterns inside the border are all bordered by thick silk lines.
The entire carpet is filled with various motifs, and even small small patterns are lined with silk.
I've never seen any other nine rugs with so much silk!
It shines brilliantly depending on the amount of light, and makes a wonderful carpet feel even more wonderful.

Despite this large size, the balance of straight lines and regularly arranged patterns as if drawn with a ruler is so accurate and wonderful that it takes a daunting amount of time to be a professional. You can see that it was lovingly made by the designers of the above and skilled craftsmen with high technology.
It's a masterpiece!

Although it is a semi-antique, it remains in a very beautiful condition.

Item No .: ICMARC-NA-335