MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

Antique Tough Fresh Persian Carpet 198 × 127.5cm


A Persian carpet from Tafresh.

Size 198 x 127.5 cm
Material Wool on cotton
Thickness 5 mm
Weaving density 180,000 knots / ㎡

The village of Tafresh is located in the province of Marcazy, southwest of Saveh, 110 km east of Hamedan.

This product is an antique carpet made around the 1920s and 30s.

A floral medallion with 16 petals, and the corner design is a medallion divided into four equal parts arranged in the four corners. The design known as the identity of the most beautiful Tough Fresh Carpets.

This medallion is also known as the Sun Medallion. The sun is the sun and is a symbol of Zoroastrianism that worships fire.

The balance between bold design and beautiful vibrant colors is also a feature of Tough Fresh Carpets.

100% plant dyeing.

It's an antique carpet, but it's in perfect condition. The pile is rubbing overall.

Recommended for those who like antique carpets.

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Item No .: ICMARC-TF-280