MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

Persian Gabbeh Kashkuri 195 x 151 cm


With the popularity of Gabbeh in recent years, it is a Persian Gabbeh by the Kashkuri tribe, which is famous as a high-grade carpet.

Size 195 × 151cm
Material 100% wool
Thickness 14mm
Weaving density 200,000 knots / 1㎡

Kashkrigabbe is made by semi-nomadic people in southwestern Persia.

The feature is that the weaving density is higher than that of general Gabbeh.

The warp and pile are 100% wool, and the wool is high quality hand-spun wool, which has a beautiful luster like a silk carpet that is incredible to Gabbeh. The facial expression changes depending on the viewing angle, and you can see the change in shade from the image.

Moist, smooth and soft to the touch.

The warm color of golden brown with deep plant dyeing and the design is very nice.

The carpet itself is not distorted, but the handle is bent.
Only those who understand the unique taste of hand-woven products are requested.

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Item No .: ICMARC-PGK-1055