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MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

100% Silk Persian Carpet [Mohammad Jamshidi Studio] 124 × 77cm


From Qom, Iran
The god of silk carpets, the pride of Iran, the pride of Kum, and the longed-for work of [Mohammad Jamshidi Kobo].

Size 124 × 77cm
Material 100% silk
Thickness 4mm
Weaving density 1.8 million knots / ㎡

Kum, located in the northern part of central Iran, is a sanctuary of Islam.
Kum is known worldwide as the production center of high-quality silk carpets that represent Persian carpets.

[Mohammad Jamshidi Kobo] is one of the most popular workshops in Kumu. The history of the workshop is about 60 years. It is a longing workshop with many lovers all over the world.

The finest natural silk is dyed with the finest plant dyeing, and the woven work gives off a dazzling luster.
It has a smooth feel that makes it moist and sticky, and although it is a silk carpet, it is thick and has a luxurious feel.

The number of colors is 19!
By using a unique method of twisting and spinning different colored yarns from one pile yarn, you can freely manipulate the colors, surprise the viewer, and entertain them to the fullest.
Pink like this is rare and attractive enough to melt your heart.

1.8 million knots ultra-dense weave, delicate and unique pattern, woven with beautiful Iranian historical symbols such as medallions and mosques, as well as animals such as cats, dogs, horses and elephants. increase. The facial expressions of animals are so lovely that you will be drawn to them as much as you want to see them.

The color, design, and weaving are all wonderful, and Jamshidi's universe spreads out in one carpet, which is a work of art called a carpet.
The masterpiece, which has been carefully woven over 21 months, is so beautiful that you can't say anything in front of you.
Please zoom in on the image to see the details.

It is also recommended to decorate the wall as a tapestry.
This is a special item that you want your descendants to inherit as a heirloom! !!

The carpet is woven with the signature of the workshop in 6 places and has a QR code that is a proof of authenticity.
We will deliver it with the certificate and storage bag that we received from the workshop. If you like the carpets of Jam Sidi Kobo, please feel free to consider it.
The item is on hand and will be shipped immediately after your order.

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