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MARC My Aladdin's Rug & Carpet

Persian Carpet Antique Tribal Rug Kamse 199 × 167cm


It is a carpet of Kamuse Union.

Size 199 × 167cm
Material Wool on Wool
Thickness 7mm
Weaving density 120,000 knots / 1㎡

Kamse is the name of a coalition of five tribes living in Shiraz, southern Persia.

A series of geometric medallions, animal motifs, and geometric motifs are the identities of Kamse carpets. However, even the carpets of the Kamse Union have slightly different characteristics depending on the tribe.

The Kamse Union disappeared in 1950, but the name Kamse is still used for Kamse carpets.

This product is a genuine antique Kamse carpet made in the early 20th century.

It is dyed with high quality plant dyeing, and even now, 100 years later, it still has a vivid color.

The motif of bote (paisley) is fully woven.

The carpet is supple and very solid because it is made of high quality wool and the warp is also made of wool.

The personality that can be created because it is a genuine antique is exceptional.

The pile is low overall due to aging. It is in a surprisingly beautiful state as an antique rug.
It has been cleaned by a specialty store, so you can use it immediately.

Kamuse is not easy to meet, so it is recommended for those who like tribal rugs ☆

Why don't you decorate your home with a special rug full of artistry?

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